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  • Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 10:58:56 -0800



Knowing that sometimes when one doesn?t get a response and is left to wonder
what others thought . . . think . . . I hasten to say I enjoyed both poems.
David Ritchie?s poem was beautifully reflective and Mike Geary?s revealingly
passionate.  I had the thought while reading Mike?s poem that I should have
realized, or at least had the thought, that if he is so frequently
uncontrollably passionate here in these discussion groups, he must be
equally or perhaps more so in his private life.  Or perhaps I should say
that I had mistakenly assumed that he had no private life in the sense of a
life unrevealed here on Lit Ideas and Phil-Lit, but now I see that he has. 


Mike?s subsequent note provides a filter through which one might view his
poem, but I take this filter as a nervous tic, something potentially
distracting but not really necessary ? in fact  misleading, a sign of
embarrassment . . . the character in Predator pulls the brush away and sees
the Predator fixing his equipment in a tree and softly says, ?I . . . see .
. . you,? right before the Predator blows his brains out: which is the
effect of Mike?s poem.


This may sound as though I appreciated Mike?s poem more, but I wouldn?t say
that.  They are so different.  David?s poem is about perspective.  Time has
past and we have the perspective of the Germans.  Despite what they thought
at the time, we can see them now as rather pitiful, people we would not
dream of associating with the term ?master race.?  But clichés don?t help us
make use of this perspective.  They don?t help us with the modern challenge,
terrorism, but do we truly know what is driving this terrorism.  Perhaps,
but our record for knowing things at the time is poor.  Perhaps as many
years from now as there have been from WWII we will know the reason for the
terrorism and it will be something other than what we believe today.   Of
course I have been studying this war, this terrorism, and don?t believe I
don?t know, but I can nevertheless accept that I might not and thereby
appreciate David?s poem.



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