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  • Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 17:38:05 -0800

Someone elsewhere wrote:

The lentil poem was quite clever and touching in a weird sort of way.
Very nice.

The Saturday poem threw everyone. I was experimenting with being "out" of the poem, not causing the poem. There was no dream. I was trying to write as I sometimes paint, letting the least pushy part of my brain be in charge. A little of that urge or motive was still around when I wrote of the fridge's fresh halibut, which alas is currently non-existant, but which seemed quite right at the end of the poem.

Congratulations on your boat!

The fellow who sold it to me will stick in my mind for a while. On Friday he was laid-off from work, after twenty years' employment. And then on Saturday he said goodbye to his "bachelor" boat, which is to say the boat that had been his amusement all the while he was single. (His new girlfriend, who likes to go fishing with him, wanted a boat with somewhere private to pee...which cost $12,000...the new boat, not the...). A man of few words, a fix- machines-and-go-fish kind of a guy, as he signed away the title he had to tell me how sad he was feeling. Yup, he came pretty close to emoting about boating.

Which would be like crying in baseball.

David Ritchie
Portland, Oregon
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