[lit-ideas] Sub-Tlety

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  • Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 20:48:30 EDT

Stan Spiegel writes:
>>Usually [Geary] [is] as subtle as a live firehose 
>>or a punch in the nose. Neither your humor
>>nor your  diatribes show subtlety.
Geary comments:
>What [...] do you mean I'm not subtle?  Maybe my 
>not 'being subtle' is an ultra-subtle way of being 
>subtle.  Think about that.  
I did. And wondered what's the 'sub-' of 'subtlety'. 
The OED explains it -- it means 'under-textual'. 
     "a. F. subtil, subtile  = Pr. sotil, It. sottile, Sp. sutil, 
     Pg. subtil:L. <NOBR>su, nom.  lis, for  <NOBR>su:
      subtexlis app. finely woven, f.  sub under 
      + **<NO, la woven stuff, web 
Strictly, the antonym then would be  ...?

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