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Ray Scupin, who forwarded the following link to me, writes,

This is a message from my friend=A0Laurie King-Irani, an anthropologist
at the University of Victoria in Canada. Laurie is fluent in both
Hebrew and Arabic and did research on the Palestinian-Israeli ethnic
and religious conflict for her PhD directed by Michael Herzfeld now at
Harvard.=A0 She has close friends who are Israelis and also Arabs
throughout the world.=A0 Laurie wrote a chapter on the Middle East for =
race and ethnicity textbook.=A0 She was also a journalist in the Middle
East before going into anthropology and was an editor for the Middle
East Report, a publication read widely by specialists in the region.=A0
She is married to my friend George Irani who is a Lebanese Christian
who also did his PhD at Harvard in international relations.
As she indicates her op-ed is a bit over the top, but it is=A0does =
some very strong emotional issues and critical thought..=A0


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