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Didn't the use of the word "illegal" in relationship to the strike  originate 
with the Mayor's mini-speech?  I heard the sound bite over and  over (on NPR, 
yes) of him saying it was an "illegal, selfish, (and some other  adjective I 
now forget) strike".....
Julie Krueger

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Carol: The same press releases go out to all, and  
are parroted by news orgs that just don't
care enough about the power of  the words they use, 
to give NPR the benefit
of the doubt  again.

Eric: NPR must be caving bigtime. To their credit, 
local  affiliates of ABC and CBS, as well as WOR-9, 
merely referred to "transit  strike."

This while the NYT has a special article on agent  
provocateur undercover cops infiltrating rallies. 
(This was on indymedia  websites during  the GOP 
convention here, as well as daily updates on  what 
color wristband the sneaks were wearing to  


New York Police  Covertly Join In at Protest Rallies
Videotapes show that  police officers have 
conducted covert
surveillance of people at seven  public gatherings 
August  2004.



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