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Humans make plans .It's what makes God smile. That might be one


I guess animals have all they need at birth not to make asses of

before God and the angels.


"What a wonderful creation is man, how like an angel.."


Ou qqch comme ca,


Happy new year,


William Ball



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I wrote earlier:


Curiously, empathy would presumably be the feature that would set us

from the animals, take us out of the kennel as it were. Yet is it

utterly missing. Since animals are known to use tools, what, then, is a

human being? 


I really would like an answer to this.  I will get no answer because
there is no answer.  There is nothing to distinguish humans from animals
(humans even hold up dog eat dog, lean and mean, as their standards).
Major differences are that humans can do a lot more damage than animals,
and animals are better parents.

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