[lit-ideas] Re: States' Rights, Islamism, and the Cordoban Mosque

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  Veronica Caley wrote

    The idea of privatizing prisons and armies is appalling to me.  These seem 
to me to be patently governmental functions.  

  It's appalling to me too, but it's been going on for years now. The abuses 
resulting from it are public knowledge (should the public wake up and look 

    I agree.  And what else can come of it but abuse?  After all you have to 
"sell" the product, which is imprisonment.  Empty prison cells, like empty 
hospital beds, are a loss of profit.  Which is why anyone with Medicare is 
pushed into hospitalization, whether it is needed or not. 

  I'm afraid I don't know what you mean when you say that people with Medicare 
are being 'pushed into hospitaliztion whether it is needed or not.' Hospitals 
don't really like Medicare patients-who are by law charged less-taking up 
space; some doctors have begun to refuse to treat people whose only health 
insurance is Medicare. (By the way, in the 25 years 
  I've been on Medicare, I've had nothing but very good experiences with it 
although some of this may be because of where I live-Portland-and the 
particular doctors, surgeons, therapists, visiting nurses, etc., who've had to 
deal with me).

  Robert Paul
  Lake Oswego OR

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