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I don't know what Eric thinks about this, but a principle is not at work
here.  A person doesn't need to be a warrior to believe in National Defense.
Women, Children, and Old people want to be protected, and it is okay for
them to believe in National Defense. During WWII lots of men in industries
needed for the war effort were kept in those industries.  


Beyond that, in my particular group in High School, I was the only one cut
out for the task, and, therefore, the only one who enlisted in the Military.
But I happen to know that they all approved of our war effort.  They all
believed Communism should be fought, and they were all content to let me
enlist by myself.   I came to believe that is as it should be.  Not everyone
is cut out for the military.  On the other hand, those not cut out to fight
shouldn't create artificial principles to salve their consciences, or make
the non-warriors among us feel guilty, or denigrate those who are or have
been warriors.








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Eric, you've told us how important it is to fight Islam. 


So let's see if you believe your own words. Prove to us that you mean what
you say. 


Sign up. 











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