[lit-ideas] Spread A Little Happiness As You Go By

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Furthermore, the issues of optimism/pessimism are only contingently
related to how we reconcile ourselves with a so-called 'scientific conception
the world'.

Many love "If you were the only girl in the world and I WAS the only boy".
Not that many (but I do) love Grey's OTHER collaborations. One is for a
masculine version of "Cinderella". The title role, Cinderello, sings:

the rule is old
so I've been told
but still it's worth its weiglht in gold
it pays you back a thousandfold
so be enrolled
upon the lists
of optimists
& disregard the pessimists
this life is short so try to smile
each little while

I think he is thinking Schopenhauer but Cinderello won't say it!



* There is a version by "Sting" in a Dennis Potter BBC special.

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