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No doubt Erin's note was intended for the list:

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> No offence Irene (and I'm not trying to be mean spirited) but you need  
> to chill out.  It's only money, and a couple hundred bucks at that.   
> As you consistently point out, worse things can happen in life.  So  
> relax, and just don't go back to Home Depot, that's all.
> Erin
> TO

The point isn't the money.  The point is getting ripped off.  It was nice
to think that one didn't have to run around chasing contractors who didn't
show up half the time, whose word you had to take, and that now a big store
did the hiring and overseeing and you could *trust* them to make sure the
job got done.  If they're scamming money with such impunity, what are they
doing with the rest of their promises?  Think Citibank would say forget it
if you owed them $255?  Or if you were short $255 Lowe's would sell you
something?  It's only money, right?  I'll still buy from HD, but only from
X store.  They in fact had a beautiful riding mower for only $819 which I
have my eye on for the spring.  This time I'm double checking their
numbers.  So sad that I have to.  Sad for me, maybe not for you.

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