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> Andy: As far as the ecology is concerned, I do probably more 
> than most people, but it's a lost cause.
> Not to imply that you don't do your part, Andy, but why the 
> inconsistency? Even if the cause is lost, there's the 
> satisfaction of knowing you are not contributing much to the 
> loss.

A.A. I'm doing a lot.  See my comments about being a vegetarian.  Meat
consumption is very deleterious to the environment.  It creates a
staggering amount of pollution and uses half the water supply of the

 >Plus it's fun. I gave up owning a car in 1990, and 
> haven't missed it at all; in fact, not having the insurance 
> / inspection / oil change / tire rotation / fill up headache 
> has been delightful. Even out in the countryside, it's a 
> hoot! Friends here, long conditioned to car culture, can't 
> understand why I would want to walk to the store or to their 
> houses. They are always offering to drive me, as if my 
> refusal were some form of excessive politeness to them. If I 
> want to go somewhere, I take a bus. Driving a rental car is 
> the exception, when I have to go where bus lines don't.

A.A. Well, mass transit where I live doesn't exist, and walking 5 miles to
the supermarket and 5 miles back again on very hilly roads with a week?s
worth of groceries would prove what exactly?  That is not my definition of

> Granted, petroleum has its uses, such as powering jets to 
> drop massive bombs on Taliban and al-Qaeda. 

A.A. If we had been minding our own business in foreign relations and
developing green technologies and mass transit systems and exporting same
instead of the latest weapons, maybe we wouldn't need to bomb al Qaeda and
the others.  And even if we did need to bomb, we'd bomb the Taliban and
they'd be gone because we wouldn't be in Iraq.

Yet even in the 
> midst of car culture, we don't really need it here. Mostly 
> we just think we do.

A.A.  See above.  Unless you intend to put a Thomas Hardy character to
shame, a car in most of the U.S.A. is a necessity.

For David Ritchie, what does one do with the sheep in the wintertime? 
Regarding the goats being too stupid not to eat what kills them, that?s
more than faintly reminiscent of human behavior.  Maybe it just proves that
we're the same as our cousins the goats, just a lot more lethal.  

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