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I have one acre but it flows into an extensive wildlife/wetlands preserve. 
I don't do 100% all of it since the part that borders the preserve has
enough trees on it to keep out the sun so the grass doesn't really grow
there.  It's also mostly pretty level on an other beautiful hill.  Even so,
it's a two hour lawn with a walk behind (it's relatively treed; rather
parky in my opinion).  My Agway mower spent more time in the shop than
running, so we got rid of it and I got a really nice Walmart mower, very
light (compared to a Sears, also self propelled that was a beast to use;
they credited our money; it seems that horsepower makes no difference in
effectiveness).  Two hours is long enough once a week.  I wouldn't even
consider a rotary push, not even as a joke.  The idea behind the Walmart is
that I want it disposable.  Use it a few years, then when it dies or needs
service, get another one.  I do miss my rider, but two hours isn't that big
a deal.  It really isn't.  I'm still thinking about it.  

As far as the ecology is concerned, I do probably more than most people,
but it's a lost cause.  Simply by not eating meat I'm saving methane (cows
produce it, among other sources), as well as saving literally tens of
thousands of gallons of water that goes into each pound of meat production.
Beyond that, I'm not going to save the world and hardly anyone else cares. 
Hardly anyone even knows about global warming except as some science
fiction thing that won't really happen.  My neighbor surprised me.  He
mentioned global warming and I was shocked.  He must have gone to see the
movie.  I hear even the movie wasn't that big a splash.  New technology
isn't going into reducing emissions.  It's going into producing new
weapons, and we're cheering them on.  So forget the rotary mower. 

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> Irene: a beautiful riding mower for only $819 which I
> have my eye on for the spring
> A "riding mower"? What's up with that? Doesn't that conflict 
> with your eco-stewardship/fitness beliefs? I use a regular 
> gas mower for the orchard on the hill, but am looking for an 
> old-fashioned push mower I can restore. You know, really 
> work up a sweat? Avoid the petroleum economy. Plus every 
> year, you get to use files to sharpen the blades.
> Speaking of sharpening with files, I guess you're the sort 
> who sends your hand saws in to be sharpened by machine. (Or 
> worse, uses electric saws for everything.) If so, you're 
> missing the aesthetic of using the saw-sharpening clamp and 
> doing it by hand.
> Holier than thou,
> Mr. Fixit
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