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Boy, you're fast.  My 2 acres takes a couple hours on a riding  mower.  Of 
course a lot of that is avoiding all the trees.....
I understand the appeal though -- I spent a few weeks digging a 10'  diameter 
circle 18" deep and filling it with 10 pounds each of manure and top  soil 
(the dirt here is pathetic -- you could build Mt. Rushmore with the  clay).  I 
planted a wonderful large herb garden and tended it like it was a  baby -- 
weeding, spraying fish emulsion, coffee grounds and banana peels for the  
pruning, reaping and drying and freezing...the digging was very hard work  but 
so rewarding.  A moon garden too, and flowers, bulbs...  giant  hibiscus,  
lilies...Then I got married.....
Uh....I need to get either something about literature or something about  
ideas in here.  .(trying to remember how weapons technology morphed into  
I'll justify the content of this post tomorrow after I meditate on a  
connection with philo or lit in my sleep.  (Erin?  I bet you have some  
Julie Krueger
Julie Krueger

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>>How long would you estimate that it would  take to use the 
old fashioned non-power mowers for two acres?

Well,  let's see. The orchard on the hill is over two acres, 
some of it rather  inclined. With a gas mower it takes me 
about an hour and a half.

I  would estimate no more than three hours. Good exercise. 
Sunlight. The pause  that refreshes. (Always liked the idea 
of someone bringing me a large glass  of lemonade while 
mowing.) No need to go to a gym.

Have inherited one  of those grim-reaper scythes, and may 
give it a shot next  summer.

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