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You're kidding, right?  I'm grouchy and pessimistic because I believe I
have no impact whatsoever on Walmart?  I guess that's pretty pessimistic,
you're right.  I'm sure you don't shop at Walmart, and Walmart sits up and
takes notice.  I guess that makes you an optimist.  These are kind of weird
definitions.  BTW, did you see An Inconvenient Truth?  I saw it tonight and
I highly recommend it.  He lays out all the science and addresses the
arguments regarding the cyclical nature of warming/cooling of the planet. 
Everyone needs to see this movie, especially the skeptics.    

I also want to correct something I wrote previously.  1,000 gallons of
water goes into producing one pound of animal protein, not the tens of
thousands I had said.  Another statistic is that livestock produce 3.3
*trillion* pounds of manure annually.  Source:  Eating Green, 12 Arguments
for a Greener Diet, by Michael Jacobson.  Well worth the $14.95 cost of the

Regarding the car business, I would *love* to not have a car.  But the only
way I can manage that is to sell my house and move to some city, and I
don't intend to do that.  I've been ecologically minded my whole life, but
a car is not a luxury.  I'll content myself with wasting no water that goes
into meat production and contributing nothing to the staggering pollution
caused by livestock by being a near vegan, and conserving in other ways as
much as possible.

I hope everyone sees An Inconvenient Truth.  When the situation gets bad
enough that Joe Average notices, it will be way to late.  It's almost too
late now.  Don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself. 
Definitely worth watching.

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>  >>Whether I shop there [Hell-Mart] or not won't make any 
> difference to the economy at all.
> That may be why you're so grouchy and pessimistic ... the 
> disconnect between what you know and what you do. Of course, 
> I've adapted to not having a car. If someone were to give me 
> a car, I'd be delivering my sermon from a different text.
> Happy Thanksgiving by the way.
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