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**Unfortunately (think of the movie "Dumb and Dumber") somehow it became 
fashionable to be unintelligent (even more than the previous 
anti-intellectual sentiment -- probably based on envy).  Many are 
intimidated by those who think -- and those who speak thoughtfully.  My 
students shy away from those who are "braniacs" geeks, nerds, or 
"eggheads".  However, it is a fact.  The major problem IMHO, is that 
there's a vast difference between wishing to b-b-q with someone -- and 
have that person represent me in a court of law, operate on me, or lead 
my country...


/Steve Cameron, NJ

JimKandJulieB@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Barbecuing w/ George is my idea of the 7th circle of hell.  There are  
> jerk-off circles?  I don't even want to know.  Mike -- you really  think 
> Dubbya is 
> more "likeable" than Kerry?  He's Howdy Doody.  He  makes my flesh cringe 
> when 
> he says "God bless America" never mind anything  else.  I don't *understand* 
> this "likeability" factor for someone who  giggles and mocks a woman pleading 
> for her life at the verge of the electric  chair.  You're starting to worry 
> me, 
> Mike -- who the hell have you been  hanging out with?   Spend a couple days 
> with Chase in France.  It  will do you a world of good.  Let me help you out, 
> Mike.  Vote for  Kerry because otherwise your living hell will deepen 
> exponentially.  And  Kerry speaks English!  We've all been napping alot.  I 
> think it's  
> either country-wide carbon monoxide poisoning or the terrifying notion that 
> Bush  for another 4 years is inescapable.  If my political views are unclear 
> or 
> I  have been wishy-washy in expressing them, please let me know.  
> Julie Krueger
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>>Where has he gone  now?
> I am alive and well and living in hell.  I apologize to  those who, knowing 
> my childish need for attention, worry that my not  constantly seeking it must 
> be a sign of my death or incarceration or having  been committed.  Actually, 
> this time, it's due to confusion.  With  the election just 17 days away, I 
> still haven't decided whom to vote  for.  It's ripping me apart.  George has 
> God on his side.   Kerry has the world.  "Ye cannot serve both God and  
> mammon."   Oh wellaway!  And I really would rather go fishing  with George. 
> But I'd rather go to war with Kerry.  I'd rather go to a  barbecue with 
> George, but I'd rather have the Food and Drug Administration  in the hands of 
> Kerry.  I'd rather be in a farting contest with George,  but I'd rather trust 
> the environment to Kerry.  I'd rather get high  with George, but I'd rather 
> Kerry set drug policy.  I'd rather play  poker with George, but I'd rather 
> trust the economy to Kerry.  I'd much  rather be in a jerk-off circle with 
> George, but I'd rather trust  international relations to Kerry.  I just don't 
> know.  I just  don't know.  Kerry has the charisma of a carrot, Bush has the  
> intellectual curiosity of a dill pickle.  Kerry scares me because he  doesn't 
> seem to believe a word he says.  Bush terrifies me because he  believes 
> everything he says -- even when he knows he's lying!  Come  back, Dr. Dean! 
> O Howie, we hardly knew ye!  Alas, he's gone.  God  bless you, Screaming 
> Firebrand. Aaaaggggrrrrhhhrrrgg.  Oh, how I miss  him.  He'd have looked that 
> pseudo-man from Texas in the eyes and said:  "Liberal?  You're damn right I'm 
> a Liberal, you privileged little  prick.  Your greed induced delusions are 
> destroying this country to a  degree that Osama ben Laden never dared dream." 
> Hell, even Nader looks alive  compared to Kerry.
> Anyway, that's what's going on.  I'm going back  for another nap now.
> Mike Geary
> napping a lot lately
> in Memphis  
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