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For instance, with a good monitor, could I  actually see people?

It depends on the location. In some areas, Google delivers high-resolution images. For countryside and most areas, the images are low resolution.

Go to SF or Palo Alto. Find a sports field at a high school or college and zoom in. You can see people on the track, standing around, etc.

Try Google Earth. This offers landscapes with 3D terrain. Mountains, valleys, etc. http://earth.google.com/

Try Microsoft Virtual Earth. http://local.live.com/ It has higher resolution than Google, but for fewer locations. Peope are easily visible at the beach. Switch to bird's eye view and zoom in. You can see very good detail.

This has caused trouble with a few countries: they were furious that their military installations could be seen by anyone. In some cases, Google has blurred the sites or lowered the resolution.

A few months ago, I used Google Earth to find the North Korean missile launch site. North Korea may not like the photos, but Google is bigger than North Korea, so Google ignores them.

But why just stay on Earth? Go to the Moon! http://www.google.com/mars/

And Mars! http://www.google.com/mars/

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