[lit-ideas] Re: Soya Sauce

  • From: Carol Kirschenbaum <carolkir@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: lit-ideas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006 12:23:50 -0700

>[re: soy] When used to replace meat, it's very good, but virtually any 
>non-animal food that replaces meat would be. 
  ck: Oh? As I longtime vegetarian and former vegan, I challenge anyone to name 
some non-soy, non-dairy alternatives to meat (incl fish) protein. There's the 
rice/bean combo, then there's....?  Nuts. There are nuts. Plenty of nuts. 
Peanut butter--I glutted on the stuff one day and killed my gall bladder. Now 
I'm even more of a soy fan. There's no chance of anyone glutting on soy 
products. Even Tofutti.

  So ask me about reversing heart disease, someone. Seems I did that, over the 
past two years. My cardiologist was fairly astounded. Much of it, he thought, 
had to do with lowering my blood pressure to barely above the level needed to 
sustain life. But really folks, a stenotic ("sticky") heart valve no longer 
sticking; a "leaky" mitral valve that's not leaking anymore; an enlarged heart 
chamber that's now regular size; and thickened heart walls that have thinned. 

  So she walked out of the office with a clean bill of cardiac health and 
dropped dead from--
  Still here,

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