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I just checked my bottle of Kikkoman Soy Sauce - 1 Tbsp. has 290 mg of  
sodium.  I had no idea.   I use it frequently.
I have never ever in my *life* heard of *any* food place not having  salt!!!! 
 But then I do carry little salt packets in my purse  <g>.  And I've been 
known to eat bullion cubes as a  snack....
Julie Krueger

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>AA>Industry pressures had kept salt seeming  benign
>Not here;  supermarkets and bakers here have been  cutting the amount
>of salt since before 2000 and McDonalds has  too.

I went to pick up a clubhouse/fries from a local restaurant and I  asked for 
ketchup and salt and they said "we don't have any salt, it's bad  for you". 
Guess what people, I'm sick and damned tired of self-righteous  people -- 
especially those who just sold me a bleached white flour-bread  sandwich 
with processed chicken, cheese, bacon, mayo and butter on it  coupled with 
deep fried potatoes -- who are looking out for my health. Just  give me the 
salt already, I want to enjoy my last  meal.


Paul Stone
Kingsville,  ON, Canada  

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