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AA>Industry pressures had kept salt seeming benign

Not here;  supermarkets and bakers here have been cutting the amount
of salt since before 2000 and McDonalds has too.  

AA> It would be helpful to see who funded this study

Presumably someone who didn't mind the research team leader

news/yahoo>(cautioning) against taking large amounts of dark soya sauce 
>because of its high salt content, which could lead to high blood pressure.
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  According to Wikipedia, they're the same.  Personally, I think the excessive 
salt would undo any benefits and could even be harmful.  Salt has been 
definitively linked to high blood pressure, which is very bad.  Industry 
pressures had kept salt seeming benign, but it's not.  I would think eating 
tofu might afford far more benefits than soy sauce.  The microorganisms in soy 
sauce might be what are conferring benefit, if in fact there is one.  One food 
doesn't make a healthful diet in any case.  It would be helpful to see who 
funded this study.  Personally, I think soy is overrated.  It's good, but not 
better than a lot of other foods.  When used to replace meat, it's very good, 
but virtually any non-animal food that replaces meat would be. 

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