[lit-ideas] Soviet Dinars?

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HUDSON, United States (AFP) - US President George W. Bush spoke of "the Soviet 
dinar," even
though dinars are the Iraqi currency.

Recalling a White House meeting last spring with an Iraqi man who had both of 
his arms
amputated by the regime of Saddam Hussein, the president said the man, who 
worked as a
jeweller, was accused of illegal currency trading.

"And he had sold dinars on a particular day to buy another currency, euros or 
dollars, so he
could buy gold to manufacture his product," Bush said.

"And because the Soviet dinar had devalued, Saddam Hussein plucked this guy out 
of society
to punish him, and six other small merchants, for the devaluation of their 
currency. He just
summarily said, you're it, come here -- and cut his hand off."


George W Bush...

1) Really said that.

2) Oh, this is another Onion spoof. Bush knows the USSR collapsed long ago.

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