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>Perhaps it's a little like the "veit" and "beit" in Hebrew? Or the subtle 
>>difference in the way Latin Americans and Spaniards say "veces"? 
When linguists speak of a hard or soft sound, they are usually (for English) 
talking about C and G, and sometimes J -- although I'm not sure there are any 
soft js in non-filched English words. 
But there are only a certain number of 'sounds' and a soft 'c' is just an 's', 
a soft 'g' is a 'j' and a soft 'j' is a 'y'. I can't think of what a soft 't' 
would be. The closest I can think is when it is used as a 'sh' sound as in 
'libation'. But that's a totally different sound that is almost completely 
dependent on the "io" following. 
Paul Stone 
Kingsville, ON, Canada  
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