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I use only Facebook and disabled all the notifications to my phone except for 
messages to my inbox.  If people need to get a hold of me that badly, they can 
call me.  I think people who use twitter can synch their twitter and facebook 
accounts (at least that's what some status updates on facebook suggest), but 
I'm not entirely sure.  Amazingly enough, I haven't even heard of some of the 
social network sites you signed up for.  Back to the books. 
Now in Kingston, Ontatio,

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So I find that because of my daughters, relatives, friends, and my own
curiosity about how these sites work, I have a MySpace, a Facebook, a login
with Twitter and Stumbleon, and probably some I've forgotten -- maybe Digg

My quandary is always what to share where, or all, what mediums to use for
what sorts of stuff.  What do you guys do?  Do you have multiple places you
network socially?  Have you settled on one master place?   I find I check my
facebook and myspace far less often than I should and so sometimes miss
important messages from relatives.  Of course, I have to factor in the txts
I get on my phone alerting me to various messages.  Then there's sometimes
frustrating redundancy.  Why is this all so confusing?  I must be getting
way old.

Julie Krueger

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