[lit-ideas] Re: Social Darwinism or Darwinian Socialism?

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Or it sounds angry and frustrated with only nastiness to resort to.  

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Hundreds of thousands of so-called anti-humanists, many of them members 
of End It All, a group devoted to ?ending the folly, sickness, excesses, 
and inherent stupidity? of mankind, filled the Place de la Concorde, and 
adjacent streets today, in preparation for a mass New Year?s Day ?snuff 
out,? in which the group and its supporters will gather to commit mass 
suicide ?for the good of civilization.?

Sounds like Irene/Andy's sort of group!  

Oh, my!

Is she attending, do you think?

Marlena in Missouri
now really worried about Irene/Andy! <g> and NOT seeing myself in THAT part of 

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