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  • Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2006 19:41:43 -0700

Mike Geary wrote:


My more cynical question would be, in what sense do gang members think that theyre promoting the good (except for other gang members)?

My guess is that they'd think that promoting their own welfare was 'good', and that by promoting the gang community that accepted them, they were promoting their own welfare, hence the "good'

It's the 'hence the "good"' part that baffles me. Is 'the good' supposed to be Platonically capitalized? Nobody would argue, we can pretend, that they believe what they're doing is good, but Taylor doesn't seem to be interested in the adjectival and usually explicable use of 'good.'


We might as well talk about what I like and what Mike likes and what Crips like, and stop talking about 'good' entirely, except when evaluating things that have a use like knives or judging things according to a standard as at a dog show


Yes. You have a problem with that?

Did it sound as if _I_ had a problem with that? It's Taylor who ought to have a problem with thatâ? I'm trying to see how he can get from a conglomeration of 'likes' to anything interesting about what's being called 'the good.' Really, I guess, I'm calling into question the very idea of _the_ good, in caps or otherwise.

Robert Paul
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