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It isn't difficult to get the impression that anti-gay rights people are
all repressed homosexuals themselves.  Maybe not to the level of Mr
Haggard, but those who have even little twinkles of homoerotic thoughts
might harbour the misguided idea that by protesting loudest they can
somehow shout down their inner homosexual voice.  Or perhaps it's simply
self-hating stupidity and ignorance.  Who knows - Is it tragic or
comical that the loudest moralists often seem to be hiding some dirty
"immoral" truths about themselves?  Or perhaps they're right, these
failed moralists, perhaps they have just failed themselves and their
religions and all their shouting down was an effort to overcome their
own perceived failings/moral weakness and despite it, they simply
failed.  Or what about certain muftis wailing against women showing a
little leg or wanting to cover the beauty of women's faces because
they're simply too weak themselves to overcome their own perceived moral
weaknesses?  Or paedophilic priests whose popes won't even acknowledge
birth control?  I often wish people would just leave other people alone,
get on with their bloody lives personally and leave each to their own
moral dilemmas and how to resolve them.  But that wouldn't be very
realistic, would it then?

On Fri, 3 Nov 2006 08:58:04 -0800, "Andreas Ramos" <andreas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Yesterday at 1p, Ted Haggard, televangelist and head of the National
> Association of 
> Evangelicals (NAE) (45,000 churches with 30 million members) appeared
> again in the news. The 
> NAE is the foremost GOP religious organization.
> Haggard has been campaigning hard on the Tuesday vote in Colorado for a
> bill against gay 
> marriage. Married and five children, he stands tall on family values. He
> has weekly 
> conference calls with W. Bush. Ted Haggard is one of the foremost
> opponents against the "gay 
> agenda" and "homosexual life style".
> However, yesterday a gay prostitute said he was in a 3-year relationship
> with Haggard.
> Haggard immediately denounced the allegations as "a political attack by
> enemies".
> Two hours later, Haggard resigned from the National Association of
> Evangelicals.
> This morning, he admitted there had been gay sex and methamphetamine drug
> use.
> - "A fantasy of mine is to have an orgy with about six young college guys
> ranging from 18 to 
> 22 in age."
> - "He loved snorting meth before [he] has sex with his wife."
> They put the country into turmoil with their witch hunts, and then they
> turn out to be worse 
> than their own rabid imaginations. Republican hypocrisy.
> Yesterday, www.tedhaggard.com was still up. It's gone this morning.
> Check out http://www.nae.net/ . Ted is still hammering away at "secular
> humanists" who want 
> to undermine our military.
> Watch Ted attack gays. 
> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2006/11/03/video-pastor-haggard-pre_n_33180.html
> Who is Ted Haggard? There was an excellent article on him and his
> political significance in 
> Harpers last year. http://www.harpers.org/SoldiersOfChrist.html
> yrs,
> andreas
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