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Not  sure.  My rule of thumb is that good feelings (as long as no one is  
getting hurt, including the self) reflect the truth.  Lousy feelings  reflect 
crap that we learn in childhood.  When people are feeling lousy  about 
(like they're failures, that kind of thing), guaranteed it's  introjected 
messages from childhood (read: what their parents told them  or what they 
misunderstood and blamed themselves in their childish magical  thinking way) 
they're hearing in their unconscious and translating into  feelings.  Nothing 
do with reality.

The part I might agree with here is the 'nothing to do with  reality'...
I do not think that lousy feelings necessarily reflect 'crap' we learned in  
childhood. (perhaps some of it might have been carried over from a past life?  
That sometimes seems often more likely in my world, actually--for where did 
some  of this come from?  or, perhaps it is because of things we picked up on  
after we were grown up?)  
But, I do think that our feelings are often our 'guidance system' telling  us 
that we need to look at something.  Often it IS that what our *brains*  are 
thinking that is not correct--that we might be thinking that we are lousy or  
such a thing--but fundamentally, our unconscious/subconscious/higher  
self/another dimension of our brain is using our feelings to get our  
that we can make the separation of our feeling and our  belief/intellectual 
thought that is not healthy/real--and then make the changes  we need.  Even if 
is simply to say--huh. This is good information.   I'm feeling this or 
that--but it is NOT true.  kind of like learning to  live consciously or take 
thought captive or some such thing...
But, not necessarily something that we have no control over or some sort of  
repressed childhood memory <g> (repressed because maybe we actually had a  
pretty decent childhood...unlike the little meth children who my friends are 
foster parents to...THEY have had a rotten childhood...though it is getting  

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