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Not sure.  My rule of thumb is that good feelings (as long as no one is getting 
hurt, including the self) reflect the truth.  Lousy feelings reflect crap that 
we learn in childhood.  When people are feeling lousy about themselves (like 
they're failures, that kind of thing), guaranteed it's introjected messages 
from childhood (read: what their parents told them or what they misunderstood 
and blamed themselves in their childish magical thinking way) that they're 
hearing in their unconscious and translating into feelings.  Nothing to do with 
reality.  That applies only if nobody is getting hurt.  More and more I think 
we're all going to die anyway.  Eat the thing, enjoy it and forget about it.  
(Just don't hurt yourself or anyone else while doing it.)

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UV light can destroy the retina.  It has to be filtered out by UV glasses.  
Tanning beds are also UVA rays.  UVA does nothing for bones or other 

They make some people feel a little less pale. Besides, as long as the 
unconscious FEELS like it is getting nurtured by those darned rays, it should 
be all good right?

beyond the pale, 

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