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You must have gotten our snow .... two days ago for a few hours it snowed  
the most gentle, soft, wet gigantic flakes -- literally an inch across -- that  
I've ever seen.  By afternoon it was quite melted.  That's my kind of  snow.  
Beauty w/out the fuss and bother of scraping car windows  later.
Julie Krueger

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It's snowing very hard today, giant wet snowflakes  that cling to everything. 
 It doesn't snow like this very often in  Memphis.  They say we average 5 
inches a year, but I can't remember any  snow for the last 4 years.  Everybody 
gets excited here when it starts  these showy snows.  The schools are already 
closed, grocery stores will be  packed, most of the local TV news is taken up 
with announcements of  closings and cancellations and postponements.  The bars 
all get filled with  merry-makers.  Adults turn into children.  It's 
fascinating how a  little break in the routine can change so much.  Many that's 
going  on in the Muslim countries, maybe the cartoons are just snow ti them,  
they're celebrating.  L'chaym, fellas.
Mike Geary

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