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Hi, Julie,
I'm getting ready to go walk a 5K for International Peace with two others from 
one of my bookgroups, so don't have much time to answer.

Yes, what you want to do is possible with a Smartboard. Here is a link which 
may help:  

My son had Smartboards in each classroom for almost his entire elementary 
through hs life. Elementary school & Middle school- PTA purchased for each 
classroom. HS I believe came from a grant. 

For those of you who remember my mentioning my son, you may be amused to know 
that he is studying History of Ideas (basically "honors" philosophy) and put 
together a Philosophy Salon with one of his hs friends (who just transferred to 
Georgetown from a different East Coast school in hopes that he would find more 
students intellectually curious as he was disgusted with the kids from his 
previous college. He said all they cared about was 'will this look good on my 
resume'. He would have done better at the college where my son goes...) They 
devised a curriculum, did all the reading, and made selections for those who 
would attend with them. It was a lot of fun--and they would like to have a 
'reunion' over Winter Break - with maybe a Symposium and a special speaker 
(I've written grants for the humanities council and said I'd write one for 
them)  Any ideas on a neat more 'world philosophy' overview speaker who 
wouldn't cost an arm and a leg?   They may come up with their own, but I 
thought (since I'm writing here anyway...) that I might ask this esteeemed 

Let us know how it goes, please, Julie!

Marlena Boggs

What I urgently need to know about Smartboards is if they interface with files  
across OS's, if files on my laptop can be pulled up on them. �I am using a text 
 which I don't want the students to have to purchase because the use is spotty, 
 and I want to scan a few pages that have color illustrations and throw them up 
 on the smartboard -- color copies of such pages would cost me an arm & a leg 
and  I don't really want to have to go through that much color ink. �The 
smartboard  seemed the optimal solution, IF it'll do it -- I'm walking in to 
the classroom  on Tuesday and trying to pull my act together at the last 
minute, only just  having gotten a class roster and room assignment this week.

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