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  • Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 19:35:20 -0500

That whole thing about artist / audience contirbuting equally to a
piece.  There wass a whole , absurdly esoteric, Greek-Hebrew/Jewish-Freud
vs. Behaviourist thang going on here when I wrote it.  More intrigued
intrigued ny the möbius thang...

wishing I could read the poem with your mind('s eye/I),

  At first I thought this was a bit experimental, a verbal equivalent
  of paintings hung in the Museum of Modern Art, but looking at it more
  closely it does seem to have a purposefulness and structure to it (as
  do the paintings in MOMA no doubt, even if their purpose is lost on
  me).  This starts with the A's, winds up with the W's, yet wisdom is
  wrathful and the snake bites its tail as it cycles back to
  Wernicke's.  There's quite a bit in this.  It's quite interesting.

  --- On Sat, 5/31/08, David Wright <wright@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Crude apologies to the repeat reader, but the copywright has
    expired, so I'm looking to republish...

     I  ~ Wernicke

    This ambrosia:

    sweet   end.
    soft-      en'd
    for mortal tongues,

    sounding, surrounding
    the idiot's tale,
    full of f u r y ,  yet,

     II  ~ Thalamus

    F i l l e d  with  the  sum  of  all  suns,
     the I, that is my eyes,

     contains,    retains,
    s t  r   a   i    n    e      d
    with the plenitude,

     [I n   Sol itude]

    [    ( rub those bleeding orbs raw!;    ]
    [      Cast off those scales! )   ]
    stunted and stained by the sanguineous
    sap of substance and, the gods-be-damned,  t r u t h !

     III  ~ the {cerebral} cortex

    Dear  Lady  of  truth,
    of  all  my  love:

     You deceive!

     Against civility, swearing fidelity,
    your cranberry hands turn
    his story-book page,

    writ full with the wrath of wisdom.

    affectionately your servant,

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