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To err is human, to really mess things up takes a computer.  Or something like that.  I wasn't completely innocent, or even innocent, but my motivation was completely innocent.  Anyway, I just finished watching that movie.  They left it on a hopeful note.  People just love their hope, even if hope requires getting 6.6 billion people working like crazy starting today to clean up the earth.  And if 6.6 billion don't work like crazy starting today to clean up the earth, the climate is guaranteed to change in like a couple of decades.  Love that hope.


One has to wonder if the intensity of the cyclone in Myanmar is related to climate change.  That's the prediction for GW, not necessarily more frequent storms, but more intense storms. 

Not in the main part of the movie but in the part that I had thought was the movie originally there are discussions by different scientists and others.  One of them is on mind.  All right, I'll tell you.  Did you know that slime can navigate their way through a maze to find food?  Isn't that what they call abstract reasoning?  Yes, slime.


Looks like I'm still in the doghouse with Paul.  I can't blame him.  I did give him a hard time, but only because I thought he was doing the usual contrarian thing on steroids.  And of course I was wrong, and I still feel dumb about it.  My little yeast brain is taking note that CNN is running a special right now called Out of Gas on peak oil.  Things are beginning to filter down to the masses.  It's actually a repeat I think but in prime time.  Another did you know: 90% of our bodies are external microorganisms, fungus, bacteria, etc.


Just think, Donal, in the 21st century the planet has more mobsters than lobsters... 



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> You people are so unforgiving.  

If you are thinking that my post was not simply my individual response but was
given as the considered response of all the people on the list, you are right.

> It was done in complete innocence.    

Once we have sinned, we are no longer completely innocent. And you have sinned.

> Regarding the Godfather, I did see that
> movie but it's like I never saw it.  Maybe because
> mobsters don't thrill me but I have no idea what that
> movie was about.


Absolving all sinners who repent
Punishing the resentful damned

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