[lit-ideas] Re: Simone Weil (Was: Kataphatic, Negative and Apophatic Theology)

  • From: Paul Stone <pas@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004 13:05:31 -0400

At 11:52 AM 8/6/2004, you wrote:
>Speaking of Simone Weil, I read Gravity and Grace.  It was one of those
>books I read where, for the most part, I didn't have even the slightest clue
>what was going on.  For example, here are some random aphorisms.  Can anyone
>tell me what any of these mean?

This is just another case of someone (who doesn't really know what she is 
talking about) using an inept analogy and confusing people. You can't get 
these aphorisms because they're silly. Artsies should NOT try to do 
science. I remember sitting in a creative writing class one day listening 
to two people who were arguing about what the formula for the area of a 
circle was: neither had it right, but the professor allowed it to continue. 
Obviously HE didn't know either.

Of course, philosophically, it reminds me about Stephen Wright who reported 
getting kicked out of a casino for having an argument at the roulette table 
over what "HE considered an ODD number".


Paul Stone
Kingsville, ON, Canada 

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