[lit-ideas] Re: Should Chirac join Bush in oblivion?

  • From: Robert.Paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Robert Paul)
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  • Date: 30 Oct 2004 19:33:43 PDT

Eric writes:

>I wasn't using rhetoric to insist that there was a balance, as though I 
were a Republican...and to argue that oil money spreads 
corruption throughout the industrialized world so that no country can be 
said to hold the high ground or be free of its taint.<

Holding the high ground is a state of affairs that does, I think, belong to
political rhetoric; but I'm certainly grateful for Eric's clarification, and I
agree with him that oil money (or the desire for it) spreads corruption, not
only in the idustrialized world, but in the Third World as well.

>And that therefore the problem that Bush represents will not be solved 
by merely removing Bush. It is international in scope and must be 
treated as an international problem.<

This particular problem won't, although it may be ameliorated a great deal. But
many other problems _will_, one hopes, be solved by removing him.

Robert Paul
The Reed Institute
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