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  • Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 16:30:26 -0700

A postcard from the edge of our fair continent.

Yesterday was taken up with a Scottish dance workshop and sundry other
matters.  I learned from one of the parents that some older kinds of
rhododendrons have a scent.  Do yours?  I learned also that Florence, Oregon
has a rhododendron days festival.  Then, I missed an opportunity to visit
Steve Greenberg's tank.  In the paper there was an account of the military
vehicle collector's society's annual meet.  Steve Greenberg is the
president.  He has several tanks.  My wife vigorously diverted my attention
fearing, quite reasonably, that I might be tempted to try to buy one.

Today's paper has two items of interest.  The U of O student societies
umbrella organization is struggling with the question of whether or not to
recognize an unofficial squirrel fishing group.  Apparently the sport
involves tying a peanut to a fishing line, casting close to the intended
target and then engaging in a brawl with the squirrel.

The other item of interest was fish shooting, a sport that is legal only in
Vermont and Virginia.  "Most fish hunters do not want to shoot the actual
fish because then 'you can't really eat them...They just kind of
shatter'...Instead, 'You try to shoot just in front of the fish's nose or
head.'  The bullet torpedoes to the marsh bottom and creates 'enough
concussion that it breaks the fish's air bladder and it floats to the

David Ritchie
Portland, Oregon

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