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I wonder if treating the university as the relevant actor in the case isn't
a case of misplaced concreteness. Aren't the relevant contingencies which
professors are already in place and make hiring decisions and whether they
be approve of the new hire's scholarship and what she wants to teach? Which
is not, I hasten to add, to denigrate concern with the quality of ideas. It
is just to recognize the reality that reputations are built or destroyed by
their passage through particular individuals who make judgments about them.
The institutional structure is relevant insofar as it empowers certain
individuals to act on their judgments, with results that others may deplore.


On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 8:35 AM, Omar Kusturica <omarkusto@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Well, you might as well have given up on Phil-Lit, a list only the elders
> among us remember, and perhaps not too fondly. I also believe it is now
> defunct. This is Lit-Ideas !
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> >> What would happen if someone suddenly invented perpetuum mobile, any
> theories ?
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> > There'd be no stopping them.
> ... and here I'd just about given up on Phil-Lit!
> Cheers!
> Chris Bruce,
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