[lit-ideas] Senses should be multiplied when needed to get truth condition

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This is a standardized test
Hence the Hesperus cases or the simpler

Kennedy was shot in Texas

(if you are perplexed add the sense determiner Robert to get the false truth
condition and John to get the true truth condition)

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The test of whether the senses should be multiplied or not is whether a
sentence could come true in one sense and false in another.

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A: And what is your name?
B: Patsy.
A: Oh excellent. We're always happy to welcome a patsy.

Grice's point:

If 'patsy' meaning 'fool' derives from "Patsy Bolivar" and "Patsy" is
hypocorism for "patricius' we would have ONE sense; if it doesn't we wouldn't.

I am amused.

Thank you.

David Rtichie
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