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The American Civil  War isn't over insofar as historians are concerned, and 
in reading revisionist  works none of these historians seem to consider the 
possibility of  self-deception.  

Very interesting points, L. K. 
I shall try to address them in the future, after re-reading your  
interesting post.
For the record, below, the first hit from google.com for the exact his "the 
 impossibility of self-deception", which may help! 
My mentor in this area has been D. F. Pears, of Oxford -- sometime member  
of Grice's 'club': the "Play Group" of the Saturday Mornings way back then 
in  the post-war 'ivory towers'...

Some notes on Self-deception - Le Moyne - Le Moyne College
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Some notes on Self-deception. I. Why it's a  problem. A brief analysis of 
"other-deception"; The apparent impossibility of  self deception--the 
difference of ...

The Prevalence of Humbug and Other Essays - Pagina 138 - Risultati da  
Google Libri
books.google.com/books?isbn=0801493218 - Traduci questa pagina
Max Black - 1985 - Fiction
The following argument for the impossibility  of self-deception seems to be 
conclusive: Humbug requires concealment of a  deceptive intent; but if the 
speaker and ...

The Rediscovery of the Mind - Pagina 147 - Risultati da Google  Libri
books.google.com/books?isbn=026269154X - Traduci questa pagina
John R. Searle - 1992 - Philosophy
It seems easy enough to "prove" the  impossibility of self- deception, but 
self-deception is nonetheless a pervasive  psychological phenomenon, and 
therefore ...

Ruling Oneself Out: A Theory of Collective Abdications - Pagina 322 -  
Risultati da Google Libri
books.google.com/books?isbn=0822341646 - Traduci questa pagina
Ivan Ermakoff - 2008 - History
The impossibility of self- deception  loses its puzzling character when we 
focus on the interactive structure of  individual beliefs and cognitive 

What is the Matter with the Church? - Pagina 210 - Risultati da Google  
books.google.com/books?id=73o9AAAAYAAJ - Traduci questa pagina
William Pearson Whaley - 1915 - Church
The vanity of the life and the  impossibility of self-deception are seen in 
the increasing number of suicides.  Confused, intoxicated, unclean, 
insincere people are ...

The inspiration of prophecy: an essay in the psychology of revelation -  
Pagina 112 - Risultati da Google Libri
books.google.com/books?id=9SlVAAAAMAAJ - Traduci questa pagina
Gilbert Cunningham Joyce - 1910 - Prophecies
... after which follows a  sensation of great calm and peace, coupled with 
an absolute assurance of the  impossibility of self- deception in the 
matter. In the second ...

The Evangelical Repository and United Presbyterian Review - Pagina 418  - 
Risultati da Google Libri
books.google.com/books?id=-1QlAAAAYAAJ - Traduci questa pagina
... me also,'' instead of proving the impossibility of  self-deception 
under so varied circumstances and in the experience of so many  persons, must 
discarded as ...

Explanation of the four Gospels: text - IntraText CT
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... by the Lord of His origin from God the Father,  confirms totally the 
authenticity of His witness about Himself , as well as the  impossibility of 

The Prevalence of Humbug - Digital Text International
_www.ditext.com/black/humbug.html‎_ (http://www.ditext.com/black/humbug.html

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The following argument for the impossibility  of self-deception seems to be 
conclusive: Humbug requires concealment of a  deceptive intent; but if the 
speaker and ...

Table of contents for Place and displacement in the narrative worlds  ...

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... Lives, Overlapping Spaces, and the  Impossibility of Self-Deception in 
"Cartas de mam " 151 Conclusion 162 Appendix  177-200 Notes 215- 230 Index 

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