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*Exactly what is the difference ?


University of Ottawa’s Resident Neonazi
By Plaut's Complaint
20 August 2005

Canada has a growing number of jihadniks, neonazis, and leftist anti-Semites infesting its universities.

This week the Ottawa Citizen reports that B’nai Brith Canada filed a complaint to the University of Ottawa against one of its professors of economics, one Michel Chossudovsky, after the discovery of content on his website that blames Jews for the terrorist attacks on the United States, and claims the numbers who died at Auschwitz are exaggerated. He is an active member of the anti-war movement in Canada, and has been involved in the propagation of preposterous conspiracy" theories" regarding the September 11 terrorist attacks. We could not find a single article by him in any refereed journal of economics.

Chossudovsky’s website, www.globalresearch.ca, also reprints articles from other writers that accuse Jews of controlling the U.S. media and masterminding the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Other postings suggest Israel, the U.S. and Britain are the real perpetrators of the recent attacks on London.

Naturally the good professor has been endorsed by several of the neonazis who write for Counterpunch, including Donna J. Volatile, Scott Laughrey and the chronically unemployed Uruknet spokesman Kurt Nimmo.


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