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What  goes on in our heads when we make sacrifices and when we make  
*sacrifices*? Is it a different process for each? My thought was that it  is 
the same process throughout and that the person making the either the  
sacrifice or the *sacrifice* just reviews and prioritizes what she views  as 
her responsibilities, decides it must be done and gets on with it. It  is 
then left to others to glorify (or not) her  decision.

---- Right. An ultra-subjectivist (relativist) position then would require  
that a statement like
            "He  sacrificed [this] for [that]."
takes only _his_ account of things: an emic or internal perspective, rather  
than an etic or external one.
On the other hand, he may be confused (and a victim of some  self-deception). 
So he may _not_ think that he is 'sacrificing' [this] for  [that] -- but I 
would not be happy with someone other than him [at the stage  when his decision 
is made] to judge whether that was true or not.

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