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--- On Sun, 16/8/09, veronica caley <molleo1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Interesting article about
> Bruno.  Not being British, I am not sure I get the
> connection with the class system.  I thought it
> anti-gay before I saw it.  

One could just tell in advance of looking, couldn't one?

>I went because friends
> wanted me to go with them.

That's what they said when explaining why they were at the night rally.

> The criticisms are all valid. 

As the blog comments indicate, the criticisms divided opinion sharply; from 
being thought all valid to being thought without merit. 

The sentence quoted 
> "In fact, his preoccupation with male genitalia and anal
> sex is so tedious, it makes you forget the real outrage: the
> inequality of the class system."
was also the focus of some amusement, no doubt partly because of the mental 
leap it takes. It could have come from a modern P.G.Woodhouse.

As to the connections between Bruno and the class system, this is too complex 
and difficult a topic to be tackled within the confines of a desultory Sunday 
night post. Plus, "Columbo" is on.

The Dylan Christmas album story is surely some kind of joke. It won't be 
released til at least Eastertime.


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