[lit-ideas] SUNDAY PSALM

  • From: "Mike Geary" <atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2008 02:43:08 -0500


All I need is seven hundred billion dollars,
that's all I need, 
yes, all I need is seven hundred billion,
then I'll be back, 
yes, I'll be back
on my feet,
I'll be standing on my own two feet again.
Praise God.
God is good, and so is wood.
But wooden nickels won't even buy a piece of gum.
And God looks very glum.
For a measly seven hundred billion dollars
in a week
in only a week
or maybe two,
no longer than two,
I'll not be sitting here bothering you,
not sitting here, not bothering you.
I'll be on my feet again by then,
yes, I'll be standing on my own two feet again.
If you will give me just seven hundred billion dollars,
then I can sell, 
Yes, I will sell to you, 
I will sell you stuff I guarantee you can't afford,
but praise the Lord! 
we have a very clever 
new way of packaging, 
it's oh so awfully new:
no money down,
no payments due,
repeat after me: 
no money down, no payments due 
no nothing at all for six whole months,
then it's interest payments only
for four hundred years or more
or more
or until
(uh oh)
the shit hits the fan
Oh, man, 
what a mess!
Don't worry about that,
you DESERVE this house.
Are you a man or a mouse?
So when you see me standing on the corner 
standing with my cardboard sign,
the sign that says:
"For only seven hundred billion dollars
I will sell to you, 
just to you,
some super duper subprime mortgages 
all packaged up and sealed with an Amen.
Won't you help me get back on my feet again?
If you do, then I can make you
I WILL make you 
make you feel like you're a big success, 
yes, oh yes, and God bless."

Mike Geary

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