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Mike, you write like this. You have not lived  in vain. 

Ditto. They were excellent. Bravo! And thanks for sharing.
------ And I emphatise, what's more important.
But courage; indeed: NEVER regret.

On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 2:18 AM, Mike Geary  <atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


How many times  I've died, I can't recall,
but my body keeps going on,
dragging me through  dutiful days.

I wake in a startle in the middle of the night
not  knowing why, what was it?  All is quiet.
Maybe that.  Yes, probably  so, the terrible quiet.  

My granddaughter looked at the back of my  hands,
said: "You're an old man, Granddaddy."
I kissed her head.   "Yes," I said, "I'm as old as my Dad."

My long-time lover looked at me  quizzically, smiled.
I had said something that surprised her.
OK, then,  I'm still alive.

Where I live, live 14 feral cats.
I used to think  that something had to be done about that.
Now I feed them.

Straight  wind storm.  Winds of 80 miles per hour.
Century old oaks weighing 50  tons ripped up 
like garden carrots.  So puny my emotional  life.

If I could talk to Jesus, what a lecture I'd give him.
All  anyone wants of life is not to have lived in vain.
Gnosis is the mostest when  it doesn't know it knows it.

I watched my mother die ingloriously on a  mechanical bed.
She who shaped me so delicately with her rages and humor and  curiosity.
I despise that last image of her, being made to breathe, she who  was 
breath to me.

I watch my children with a guilty conscience.
The  oldest turns forty soon.  Adults with lives of their own.
I should have  done more for them.  I should have been someone else.   

Mike Geary
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