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  • Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2009 11:22:08 -0700

How to Make a Difference

Though some say that differences are an advanced recipe, by following a few simple instructions and with even a beginner's knowledge of sound fundamentals, you'll find they're actually quite easy to make. First take some leftover stew meat and a sixteen ounce can of Folgers (or similar brand) shade-grown coffee, voided carefully and rinsed to ensure that it is free from all particulate. Add one cup aspirations (raisins are not a good substitute), two choirs red-label brand trunk linings, two plates of Marmite soldiers, one half ounce of fresh- frozen defrosted, line-caught, sustainably-harvested sardine. Include beans, gin, tonic and Mission self-raising flour to taste. Turn in arms and shake. Dispense prescriptively.

proof and the sneeze

when i stepped outside i sneezed
i believe it may have been the honeysuckle
then i realized
as one does
how weird my week was
we have been asked once again to prove that we teach well
to write in boxes on pre-printed sheets exactly how
we know
and so show
that stuff is being achieved
signs and simulacra
that learning's afoot
not just ahead or around the corner or bend
with a sneeze one can measure
launch velocity, frequency, possible causes
but when i write on student papers
that there's little connection between claim and evidence
or that the verb and subject have it in for one another
seem to be engaged in some sort of family feud
that apostrophes have become scattered like sheep wrapped at night on a hillside
in christmas lights
not randomly distributed
as references to french theorists are
but clearly not doing their standard task
how at that point to know with
with boxers bleeding
from collie flour ears
and salt and the lots
documented in my practice
and sent off wondering for the evening
in Chatwinesque shoes
how to reassure anyone
in these particular circumstances
that we weigh and measure
and so know
some of its' good

David Ritchie
Portland, Oregon

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