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  • From: "Mike Geary" <atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 22:49:15 -0500

> Having lost the popular vote, I intend to appeal to the supreme court.

Ah, resentment.  Is there any succor so sweet?  Appeals to the Supreme 
Court, of course, do not bring to mind the putsch of 2000 wherein our 
fearless, knowledgeableless Leader came into power, no, but of Phil Ochs and 
his "Outside of a Small Circle of Friends", to wit:
Oh there's a dirty paper using sex to make a sale
The Supreme Court was so upset, they sent him off to jail.
Maybe we should help the fiend and take away his fine.
But we're too busy reading Playboy and the Sunday New York Times
And I'm sure it wouldn't interest anybody
Outside of a small circle of friends

Which is to say that I don't think that Ritchie stands a snowball's chance 
in hell with the Supreme Court unless he can prove that I have been obscene.

Oh, dear.

Thanks to Ursula and Marlena for their only and deciding votes.

Take that, poetaster Ritchie.

Mike Geary

somewhere south of sanity

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