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  • Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 00:39:58 +0100

>In Belgium (?) they voted on legalizing sex between men and boys

In Belgium, the age of consent is 16.  

 "All indecent assaults on modesty committed without violence or threat, by a 
person or by aiding the person, of a child of either sex, aged less than 
sixteen, will be punished by imprisonment (of five years to ten years)."

In the US, the age of consent varies (by state) between 16 and 18 (I believe
the state laws that gave an age of consent of 14 for girls have now been
invalidated).  I.e., there are US states where the age of consent is the 
same as it is in Belgium.

> Unfortunately, it happens here too, but at least here people go to jail for 
> it.

and here; and in Belgium; and in France; and in Germany; and in Italy

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