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In Belgium (?) they voted on legalizing sex between men and boys.  In Japan 
high school girls make money selling sex.  Even here the comment was that it 
was odd but the kid was fine.  The kid wasn't fine, unless one considers what 
it would be like to have it done to them, by a 17-foot giant.  That's what the 
child experiences, and he has to depend for survival on this 17-foot giant.  
It's crazy making and rage making beyond belief.  I stand by what I said, it is 
absolutely rampant around the world, which is to say, most other countries.  In 
many it's out and out business as usual.  Unfortunately, it happens here too, 
but at least here people go to jail for it.  I'd go so far as to say it 
underlies the rage of terrorists, that and treating women as non-entities.  The 
non-entities turn around and raise the children, who are rejected by the men.  
That's why the religion steps so powerfully, because there's nothing left.  And 
nobody even understands what I'm talking about.  

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You wrote 

> Here in the U.S. we know it's a crime, but in other
> countries it's business as usual

OK so now you say when you contrasted the US to other countries
you meant 

>Bangkok (an "other country" yes?).  

Bangkok is *in* another country, but I'll let that pass.  Your "the US...
other countries" implies that the US as opposed to other countries
considers it a crime. In fact, we see, you mean "some" other countries,
well, be more careful. (More careful not to imply that the US is

Try saying "but there are countries where it is business as usual".

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