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>  For Judy, given that Mark Foley is prosecuted for what is age
> > of consent in "other countries",
> 1.Mark Foley has not been charged with an offence under US law.
> If it's your contention that he has, please give proof.
> 2.  Yes he has been penalized.  So would he be in many "other
> countries".
> 3. In various US states, the age of consent is the same as the
> age
> of consent in "other countries".
> 4.  Can this (3.) be why Mark Foley has not as yet been charged
> with
> an offence under US law?

Andreas answered this.  In addition, Foley is being prosecuted in the court
of public opinion.  There was also an uproar here over Monica Lewinsky. 
Monica Lewinsky was a 21 year old intern.  Again, people were outraged as
much about the age as about the affair.  

> Or submitting an insult, whichever is more convenient.  Or
> > simply agreeing with an insult, as seems most convenient.
> >
> It is, Irene, a damn sight more convenient than posting data in
> response to
> you only to have it ignored or its import misunderstood.

Well, then you have to do what's most convenient for you.  If insults
satisfy you, then no need for anything further.

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