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  • Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 12:25:01 -0800

1.Mark Foley has not been charged with an offence under US law.
If it's your contention that he has, please give proof.

He hasn't been charged, but only because he is in Congress. Any other person would have been arrested and charged.

2. Yes he has been penalized. So would he be in many "other countries".

If he hasn't been charged, how could he already be penalized? Normally, the order of steps is arrest, trial, conviction. Or is this a new Bush doctrine?

3. In various US states, the age of consent is the same as the
age of consent in "other countries".

Yes, in various states. However, Foley falls under the Internet sex predator laws (which he wrote and of which he was the chairman) which are federal laws. So age of consent in the various states is irrelevant.


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