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>  >>Is this part of the comedy?  I wonder how he feels today, 
> post Suskind/Ricks/Galbraith/Woodward?
> He must be unmoved by those guy's tomes. 

I meant on a personal level.  Those guys aren't editorializing.  They're
reporting reality.  The only way he could feel safer now is if he's
comatose like most Americans.  Chomsky made an interesting point once.  He
said that when politicians don't want to talk about issues, they talk
instead about values: family values, flag burning, etc. etc.  That's all
Republicans ever talk about.  Democrats aren't much better, except they're
not Republicans, and the country was much better off under Clinton.  But
that's Clinton, not Democrats.

>This is a recently 
> produced comedy-style political ad. Go to the link I posted 
> and see a shot from it.
> Comedy political ads on TV ... wonder if they'd work better 
> than slinging dirt?

From what I read, it was slinging dirt, with a "just kidding" appended at
the end.  On the other hand, most comedy is slinging dirt and everybody
laughs and laughs.  That's why I say good comedy is rare.  A large
percentage, perhaps majority, of 20-somethings get their news from
political comedy shows and the rest get it from Fox News, the White House
propaganda machine.  In order to appreciate satire, if that's what it is,
one has to know the reality being satirized, but a lot of people don't know
reality.  If comedy is all one knows, then one indeed does think we're
safer now, and stronger too.  Now that's funny.

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