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<<Jeans  are the uniform of youth.>> 
Not just jeans.  Specialty jeans.  My nieces drive their parents  crazy 
wanting to buy jeans with holes slashed in them.  My reaction would  be, buy a 
regular pair of jeans for less than $60 and then take a razor blade to  them 
Julie Krueger

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Check out the middle schools, or your local mall,  and see how the kids are
dressed like inner city rappers.  Jeans are the  uniform of youth.  They
were originally designed for the gold miners in  the West.  Maybe people got
confused and thought gold miners were  rich?  Farmers wear them too.  Bush
was deliberately photographed  dressed as a lumberjack.  A lot of our slang
comes out of the inner  cities, even if standard English is still standard. 
Our jazz came out of the  poor black areas of New Orleans, Chicago.  Rap is
mainstream, favored by  white suburban boys.  Nobody's going out of their
way to listen to  classical.  I was at a baby shower over the summer and was
talking to my  niece who's in the eighth grade.  We were doing a baby shower
word  scramble, and she unscrambled one of the words to read "baby phat". 
In total  cluelessness, I said to her, fat isn't spelled with a ph.  I later
told  my husband that, boy, kids can't spell nowadays, and he said phat
means  something like cool.  I said oh, is that why she stared at me?   That
is not upper creeping into lower.  But, if people don't agree and  think the
poor are emulating the rich, that's fine.  Don't bother me  none.  BTW, I
hear the jewels that they wear at the Academy Awards are  rented.  Just
thought I'd throw that in.

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> >  Exactly.  In the 20th century the upper classes emulate the  lower
> Les's be ax'in' Robert, my main man. That  bitch Irene, she got a
question. Robert, any of 
> yo' dogs be  emulatin' the lower classes? Be real, now. I'm a'watchin'
you! We'uns gotta  
> know!
> yrs,
> andreas
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